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Arenal Costa Rica Transportation

Private and shared shuttle transportation to and from Arenal / La Fortuna

Arenal Transportation Map

Private Transportation

Private Transfers can pick you up from anywhere at a time you specify. Pick ups include one hour of waiting time and if you wish to stop on your journey for lunch, shopping or other reason you may do so.

There is a maximum capacity of 10 people per minibus for reasons of comfort. If your group is larger than 10 people a 25 passenger bus can be arranged.

All minibuses are late model (2002 and above) Toyota, Nissan or Hyundai vehicles which meet and exceed safety regulations and must pass a transportation safety board inspection twice a year. Drivers have a minimum of 2 years experience in tourist transportation and have passed all the Costa Rican Bureau of Transportation's safety and public relations courses required by law.

Shuttle Transportation

Shuttle transportation is a cheaper alternative to a private transfer as it is a shared transportation. Shuttles pick up at specific times in the day from most major hotels, either once or twice daily. On most routes there is usually a 15 minute to 30 minute break.

Rates on shuttles are per person and if you are a larger group you will often be better off with a private transfer. For one or two people traveling a shuttle transfer will usually be your best option.

Shuttle usually have a longer driving time than private transfers as other people have to be picked up and dropped off and there is often a break mid journey.

Arenal Transportation Quote Form

  • Our vehicles are fully insured and comply with all safety regulations.
  • Maintenance is very important to us because it means safety and comfort for you.
  • We do our best to hire experienced drivers who know the roads you'll be traveling on and will get you to your destination in a timely but safely manner..


Private shuttles will pick up anywhere that you request, including the San Jose International Airport and include one hour of waiting time. They can also take you anywhere that you require.

Shared shuttles pick up from most major hotels. They DO NOT pick up from the airport. Shuttles operate fixed routes.