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Liberia Costa Rica - Weather

The satellite picture below shows the level of cloud coverage throughout Costa Rican. It's updated every 30 minutes and takes a few seconds to download over a 128 Kbps connection so please be patient. We have pointed out Liberia's location in the map as well as other popular destinations in Costa Rica, including one of our favorites: Arenal Volcano. Please note that cloud coverage is only visible during the day on this image and it will probably appear completely black at night. In Costa Rica the sun sets at around 5:45 PM year round (6:45 PM EST or 7:45 PM DST).

View the 3 day weather forecast and annual temperatures for Liberia, Costa Rica provided by the World Meteorological Organisation

Weather in Liberia and Guanacaste

Essentially there are 2 seasons here as in the rest of Costa Rica - the wet (green) and the dry (high) season!

The driest and hottest months in North West Costa Rica (including Liberia) are from November to April, characterized by pretty high temperatures (see link above) tempered by dusty breezes.

The wet months are from May to October which are still pretty warm and are characterised by sunny spells interspersed with rain showers of an afternoon.

Best Time to Visit

The green season between May and October is actually preferred by many as it is still warm and sunny most of the time but doesn't have quite such relentless heat as in the dry season. Other benefits are that during the green season the vegetation is lush and green while in the dry season the land is for obvious reasons rather on the arid side! Additionally, you will find rates cheaper everywhere and less people!

The best time is probably at the start of the dry season when it's sunny most of the time, but still green from the rains of the wet season - this would be in December.


Satelite Map of Costa Rica