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Heading to Nicaragua from Liberia Costa Rica

By public bus

You can take a public bus to Peñas Blancas (the border) either from the Interamerican Highway or from the Bus Station in El Mercado. It will cost about $2. Then on the other side pick up the frequent public buses that run in Nicaragua from the border.

Alternatively there are long distance bus companies which are more expensive and usually handle your immigration and fees for you.
Central Line: 257-7214. Leaves at 8 am daily. $10
Nica Express: 256-3191. Leaves at 9 am daily. $12.50. Picks up from the Hotel Guanacaste
Tica Bus: 666-0371. Leaves at 9 am, 11.30 am and 4 pm. $12.50. Tickets from the Pulmitan Bus Station. Picks up in front of Hotel El Bramadero

By private transportation

You can write to us for a transportation quote to the border at Penas Blancas. If you would like to see more details about private transportation please look at our transportation page.



By plane

Nature Air has flights to Granada in Nicaragua from Liberia Costa Rica



Nicaragua / Costa Rica Border

ENTRANCE AND EXIT FEESThere are no entrance or exit fees on the Costa Rican side of the border. On the Nicaraguan side it is $7 to enter and $2 to leave. These rates are variable, possibly according to your nationality or to the whim of the immigration official. There are no official rates posted anywhere. They prefer payment in dollars and for some reason sometimes get quite annoyed when you try to pay in Nicaraguan currency (cordobas).

IMMIGRATION FORMSYou are required to fill in immigration forms both entering and exiting Nicaragua. You may be offered these forms by people standing around the immigration offices but you don't need to give them money as they are free at the counter. They may offer to help you fill them in, which is not necessary unless you have a minimal IQ. If you do let someone help you, it's good form to give them a tip (of about $1).

CHANGING MONEY Many tourists are wary of changing money at border crossings, fearing being duped. However, as long as you have your wits about you, it can be a quick and efficient way of exchange. The rates that they offer you should be competetive.
As soon as you arrive on the Costa Rican side you will hear loud calls for changing money and it can be very harassing. It also appears to be unregulated on Costa Rican side as anyone can enter the area of the immigration offices. It is best instead, to change money in Nicaragua where you will find just one or two official money changers.
Don't change money until you have dealt with your entrance or exit fees for which it is best to have dollars.









JUMPING THE LINEYou may be approached on the Costa Rican side by people who claim that for a price they can get you to the front of the line. Ignore them. Usually this is untrue, and anyway, the amount of time saved will be negligible.





ENTERING NICARAGUAAfter you have paid your entrance fee to Nicaragua, you will then leave the compound through a door in a fence at which point you will be asked to pay another $1 for entering the local province. Technically this fee is voluntary.