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Liberia Costa Rica Airport transportation, works 24/7/365 and depart as soon as you exit customs and immigration.

Liberia Costa Rica Airport transportation goes directly to your destination (hotel, homes and condos) in Guanacaste and Costa Rica with no stops along the way unless you request one to your driver. An added benefit of the Liberia Costa rica Airport transportation is that it will go to areas and destination where airport taxis and public buses usually do not go for road conditions or route restrictions. Airport transfers and Airport Shuttles can also accommodate oversized luggage, provide car seats and carry pets upon request.

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San Jose Costa Rica Airport transportation goes directly to your destination in Guanacaste, CR. Request a quote

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Liberia Costa Rica Airport - Phone +506 8640-3743
Liberia Costa Rica Airport - Whatsapp +506 8887-7635
Liberia Costa Rica Airport